How to get a perfect bikini body

How to get a perfect bikini body

Step 1. Get a bikini

Step 2. Put on bikini

There you have it, a perfect bikini body!


We need to stop putting so much pressure on ourselves to fit in a box! Everyone deserves to be able to sit at the beach in whatever they choose and feel great because each and every body is different, and each and every body is BEAUTIFUL! Please, girls, know that these images we see online and in magazines are all an illusion. It’s just posing, lighting, makeup and photoshop. Even the Victoria Secrete angles go out with so much makeup on their bodies they say the feel like they have clothes on!


A bikini body is just that, a bikini on a body.

Although, there are a few tips I can give you to feeling great in your bikini…


The first thing to a great bikini body is confidence!

Stand tall and own your beautiful body. Rock what you’ve got and be proud of it. No matter what size and shape you are, if you have confidence you will look great!


Take care of yourself! Drink enough water and eat clean 80% of the time…

Water, water, water. I bodies need more water than most of us give it!  Carry a water bottle with you so you know that you’re defiantly getting your 2L+ a day. Plenty of water will make your skin glow, help with the dreaded tummy bloat and even helps with cellulite!

Good food is not only good for your body, but for your mind and soul. Healthy food doesn't need to be bland and boring, there are literally thousands of delicious healthy recipes online for FREE! 

Prepare your meals ahead of time and before you’re hungry… that’s when we turn into a beast in the cupboard eating everything in sight. Eat a balanced diet with enough protein, it will keep you fuller for longer and give you the energy you need to run around the beach in your new bikini! 

Follow the 80/20 rule. Good food 80% of the time. Life is about a balance. 


Move every day!

Even if all you can manage is a 20 minute walk you will feel great afterward! No one ever regretted a workout! The endorphins you create will help you feel good, give you more energy and a clear mind, so start moving!



Everyone looks good in a smile. You’ve got a lot to smile about if you’re sitting in the sun at the beach so come on, get those pearly whites out!



Love Teenie Bikini xx